About us

We are a Pakistan based company with in business of fountains for over a decade with expertise to provide long lasting solution.

Full Digital

All our fountains are digital with multimedia capability to make soothing scenery within your project. Even after we have done our work you can customize lighting, jets pressure and more with little to no help from us.

Turn Key Solution

You dream, we build. This is the mantra we follow and brings us most joy to bring ideas to reality on such a grand scale which make a awe inspiring effect for generations to come. Our team handles each and everything from beginning of project until completion.


Each order made to your specifications, area layout, wind velocity and many more iteratios which we record and keep in mind when creating your fountains. We dont leave any stone unturned which would create problems in the future.

Past Work

Have a look what we can do for you.


Some of our services are listed below, for more please contact

Water Screen Projection

This is latest in fountain technology where you can display images and videos on fountain while in motion. This gives a memorable sight to remember for a lifetime.

Musical Dancing Fountains

Dancing fountains synced with music or other multimedia to convey message with the language of water dance. These are perfect for adding that extra flair to your space.

Interactive Fountains

This is new type of fountain we had pleasure to create. These work on gestures given by the audience around, very good option for play areas and water parks.

Dry Fountains

Very beutiful to look at and safe. These work like there is no pond below and there is just pavement, when in motion water comes from the ground and goes back there without leaving a trace.

Water Curtains

Water curtians are soothing to look at and gives a grand scale to your project regardless of space or area. This is made possible with straight nozzle shooting in the sky or being drop from above.

3D Fountains

Most advanced fountains in the market which we specialize in, 3D fountains can be used to show words, logos and more within the fall of water. A frame is made on top and below to give the effect.

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